The association

« Photographie : Jean-Michel Sarlet »


The association was founded on January 27, 1991. Its purpose is the safeguarding and the promotion of the Saint-Roch chapel and the surrounding site, in architectural, cultural and spiritual matters, besides the animation of the neighbourhoud. It can perform all acts directly or indirectly related to this object. For this purpose, the non-profit association contracted a  long-term lease with the owner, the Public Social Action Centre (CPAS) of Liège. This lease was taken over by the Housing Fund for Large Families of Wallonia, the owner of the convent and the chapel since 1992. Many cultural events are organized to collect the first funds needed for certain urgent work and for the preparation of the restoration file : theatrical performances, exhibitions, guided tours, participation in neighbourhood events and in those of the « Coteaux de la Citadelle », or again in Heritage Days of Wallonia. Excellent acoustics invite to music : Baroque repertoire (« Baroque Festival at Saint-Roch »), or romantic répertoire, contemporary works, jazz concerts, as well as other performing arts.

The association « The Friends of the Saint-Roch Chapel at Volière » managed to carry out the exterior restoration of the building and that of its organ. The third phase, the restoration of the interior decoration is about to materialize, subject to funding.